Got A Question?

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How can I apply for affordable housing?

Various rents are available at our properties, please place yourself on a waitlist for projects with lower rent thresholds.

To apply, you must bring in a complete application, with all documents and money orders that are required. After the first interview, you will be provided with more information if you income qualify for the program.

How does the program work?

Rents cannot exceed the maximums provided to the management company by the regulators of the program. You can rent a unit if your household meets the income and occupancy requirements and fulfills the other rental criteria. Thereafter, your household must submit all income/asset information as well as household composition.

How can I get an application for your low-income program?

You can get an application onsite at the property or at APS’ main office.

How can I place myself on the Interest List?

You can complete the Interest List form by visiting the property of interest or APS’ main office. If email is preferred, please provide your email address by contacting us via telephone or the Contact Us page on the website.

Can I add myself on the wait list for all of your properties?

There is no limit as to how many properties you can apply for as long as the waitlist is open and your household size matches the occupancy restrictions.

What do I have to do to qualify?

You must bring in a complete application, with all the documents and the money orders that are required. After the first interview, we will be able to provide you more information on your probability of qualifying.

Where can I submit an application?

You can submit your application with the onsite property manager located at the property of interest or at APS’ main office.

How long is the wait list for each property?

The wait lists vary among each property, however most of the properties have very long wait lists.

What number am I on the wait list?

We do not disclose the number or rank on our waitlists, but we can provide you with the month and year we are scheduled to call you back.

How many people can live in the apartment?

The number of persons allowed per unit depends on the property. However, in general the household sizes are limited to three persons in a One-Bedroom, five persons in a Two-Bedroom, and seven persons in a Three-Bedroom.

How long does it take to process an application?

To process an application varies per case, but generally two to three weeks on average.

Are you a government agency?

No, APS is not a government agency.

Do you provide any source of help with rent?

Our rents are affordable (below market rate rents), but we do not subsidize rental payments.

What is your lowest and highest rent?

The rent varies by property.

How much do I have to make to qualify?

You must make at least two times the rent.

What are the managers’ hours?

The property managers’ hours vary per property. Please call the onsite property manager to inquire.

What is the maintenance emergency number?

The maintenance emergency number is (714) 731-7313 and can ONLY be used for emergencies.

Do you work with the City/ County Housing Program (Section 8)?

We accept tenants with housing vouchers.

Do you accept Medical Cards?

No, this does not affect your eligibility in any way.

What is the square footage for all the bedrooms?

This varies by property.

In what city do you have properties?

We have properties located in the following cities in Southern California:

Camarillo, Carlsbad, Corona, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Orange, Paso Robles, Rancho Cucamonga, Santa Ana, San Marcos, and Yorba Linda.

Can I receive a confirmation or see proof that I have been placed on the wait list and the property I was placed on?


Do all of the apartments have garages?


Do I place myself on the wait list and then receive the apartment?

No, after you place yourself on the wait list, we will call you and request you submit an application. Once the completed application has been submitted to APS, we can then determine if you qualify.

How are the rents determined?

Our rents vary to accommodate more levels of low-income households. While we may have units with lower rents, the rents we currently have available are only from apartments that are vacant. We have a low turnover rate on our lower rent properties.

What programs do you offer?

Our properties are regulated by various programs such as HOME, Bond, and LIHTC.